Software Based Marketing Solution

By the grace of Almighty ALLAH, we are pleased to inform you that the CD-ROM Version of Time TRADE DIRECTORY OF PAKISTAN - National Yellow Pages has launched.

CD-ROM Version is widely distributed throughout the world & available in Business Centers of all the leading Hotels, Foreign Trade Mission in Pakistan, Pakistan Embassies & Trade Promotion offices abroad, Chambers of Commerce worldwide & leading Business Houses in Pakistan.

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Cd-Time'sTimee-Directory is a full user friendly, interactive web based desktop application. Through which user can easily get its required information relating to national and international business market.


Some of the salient features are mentioned here:

Powerful Searching:

Time e-Directory has a very intelligent and advanced search engine. User can search the Business Companies by providing,

  • The Product / Service name
  • The original Company Name
  • The Contact Number
    Note: Contact Number can be the normal phone no, fax no or UAN.
  • The Email Address
  • The Web Address

There are also other searching options such as,

  • A City can be mentioned while searching
  • An ISO filter can be applied to fetch only the ISO Certified Organizations in the given search criteria.
  • User can also search the companies having particular Brand Name

Intelligent Category / Business Selection:

The searching through Product/Service is based on the FAST-FIND Index of the TRADE DIRECTORY OF PAKISTAN. For the ease of user, software automatically provides a list of related Classifications as per users given Business Nature.

Interactive Search Results:

By simply clicking on the Email or Web address user can directly go on the Website or can send email.



Built-in Printing Support:

Result List

Label Pages

Company Detail Page

Bulk E-mailing and Faxing:

User can use the Bulk emailing / faxing option to send the bulk emails / faxes. There is also an option to export the Email address and Fax addresses in text file which is useful when user is trying to manually fax or email its message to different recipients.


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