Advertising with us, does not merely means placing just another add in some Yellow Pages. When our clients advertise with us they experience the best exposure of there Product/Services in the national and International market which they can not possibly get while advertising in any other Yellow pages in Pakistani Market today.

When people advertise with us they are exposed to a host of business opportunities, avenues that can  be explored and resources that can be exploited to boost the business.

You can advertise with us in our TIME'S Trade Directory /National Yellow Pages, which offer you an effective and economical Internationally recognized advertising media. If you are really cautious about the effectively marketing your products and services then, you along with advertising in the TIME'S Trade Directory /National Yellow Pages you can also advertise with us on the Internet on our website so that you can increase the traffic on your website, do so expand your clientele and enable them the get the knowledge about your products first hand while visiting your Website.

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    Click here for Prime Positions Tariff for Trade Directory 2018
    Click here for Advertising Tariff for Times Trade Directory 2018
    Click here for Webvertising Tariffs for Placing adds on our website

Tariff for Prime Positions - 2018

Description and Size Rate. (Pak Rs.)
 Inside front cover 200,000
 Inside back cover 150,000
 Outside back cover 300,000
 Page facing inside front cover 180,000
 Page No.3 (Initial Pages)  150,000
 Page No.4 & 5 (Initial Pages)  120,000
 Page No.6 to Page No.10 (Initial Pages) 100,000
 Full Page Colour (Initial Pages - After Page 10)   75,000
 2nd Last Page (Before Page Facing Contents)   125,000
 Page Facing Contents 150,000
 Book Marks 200,000
 Back Square on Outside Back Cover (Each)   16,000
 Bottom Panels on Fast Find Index (2 Colour)      12,000
 Top Page Ad (Per Page)         500
 Bottom Corner Ad (Per page)         300
 Discount Coupons     5,000



Advertising Tariff - 2018

Advertising Size Rate. (Pak. Rs)
Full Page 4 Colour 19x24cm 58,000
Half Page 4 Colour 19x12cm 32,000
 Black & White Advertisment Size  Rate. (Pak Rs.)
Full Page 19x24cm  28,000
Half Page / 2 Full Column 19x12 cm/09x24cm  18,000
Quarter Page / 4 Quarter Column 09x12cm/19x06cm  11,000
Full Column 04.5x19cm  11,000
Top Panel 19x2.5cm  8,500
Double Quarter Column / Half Column 09x06cm/4.5x12cm  8,000
Quarter Column 4.5x06cm  5,500
Listing in Box (With Directory)    2,000
Listing in Box (Without Directory)    1,000
Normal Listing (Without Directory) .  500




Note: Artwork Design, Film & Colour Separation will be charged  additionally.

Payment: Full Advance through Bank Draft / Cross Cheque in favour of:
TIME PUBLISHERS (PVT) Ltd. (No Cash Payment.)

One Copy of Trade Directory of Pakistan will be given to all Advertisers.

Webvertisiment Tariffs

Description Size in pixels Duration Rate. (Pak Rs.)
Button Ad 160 x 65 1 Month 6,000
Banner Ad 160 x 400 1 Month 10,000




Note: Button and Banner Designing for Ad placement will  be charged  additionally. Then the Button Ad weight should not be more than 6kb similarly the banner should not be more than 12kb.

Payment: Full Advance through Bank Draft / Cross Cheque in favour of:
TIME PUBLISHERS (PVT) Ltd. (No Cash Payment.)



National Yellow Pages

 Will be widely circulated including but not limited to:

Chambers of Commerce throughout the world.

Trade Promotion Organizations World - Wide. 

Pakistan Embassies / Trade Offices abroad.

FPCCI's Foreign Counter Parts.

Diplomats, Foreign Deligates & VIP's visiting to FPCCI.

International Exhibitions around the world.

Guest Room of Leading Hotels throughout Pakistan.

Foreign Trade Missions / Leading Business Houses in Pakistan.

 Sell Your Product 24 hours a day - 365 days a year, in National & International Market.



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